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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fat Esme Strikes Again

I stink. I made a promise to do this blog and then I forgot about it. I don't even know who reads this. I'm sorry to dissapoint my readers. (Terri.) (Phoenix, perhaps.)
Anyway, I went to Terri today for a class and worked on stuff for legs mostly. I feel like I'm getting a little better with arms and stomach, but my legs still seem like tornados of lard purging from my hips. Terri is amazing. I try to sweat a little bit and get some muscle, but she also listens to me bitch about my screwey life problems. She offers some great advice on how to keep a romantic relationship going. She's the expert in finding self worth. I really recommend her to everyone on all levels. She'll give you physical self-esteem, and teach you how to teach someone not to fuck with you. I hope I can write that on here.
Should I write something technical? She measured me and I shrunk down some inches from when I started. Also, I bought a skirt that is a size Small. Seriously. For a fat girl, this is quite euphoric. I'll keep jiggling my ass down Broadway and pulling out my credit card. She's so worth it.


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