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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Defying Celeb-Reality

I get emails about these blogs :) yes, people write me and ask me if these people are real, and I can only say - YES! LOLOL, If I could make all this up I'd be a highly paid screenwriter. I'm not nearly as entertaining or as clever as Esme is, but while part of her argues with me about body image there's also the part of her that's glad I'm not accepting what she's serving.

Esme has reached her goal - and it takes time for the brain's old patterns to get used to the new body it's living in. Negativity dies hard. But I'm here to keep trying.

Many times I have to tell clients what they need to hear - and most times they don't like it. But....I do it anyway, and hope they see where I'm coming from and trust that it's coming from a HEALTHY place.

It's about a healthy place. Not a 'skinny at all costs' place. Not a 'train through injury for no reason' place - I'm not the trainer to come to if you're trying to be Nicole Richie. Someone please feed that girl some protein and hand her a dumbell or two. Shes become very pointy.


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